Starting A New Business:

We help you to convert your idea/vision into a success

It is always a great feeling when you say to someone "I am starting a new business" or "I am going to become an entrepreneur". Being on your own is quite a different world as compared to working for someone. As an employee, you always had the assurance that you will be paid at the end of the month. You had your specific work timings, and your worries were limited to what you were assigned to do. These aspects cannot be taken for granted once you are on your own.

You would be having some great ideas surely, and have probably thought of some details in terms of your business model. However, some of you may not be aware, what it takes to start a new business and grow it successfully. Defining your business plan, getting the funds, forming the team, marketing your products/services, taking care of administration and regulatory requirements and importantly running your operations efficiently are some of the activities that you may need support. There may be several other pieces of the puzzle that you many need to put in place. Have a look at some of these questions below to figure out how you are placed.

GetCoached helps you fast track your new business setup and launch you on the growth path within a short span of time and with more surety. The areas in which GetCoached could engage with you are:

1. Help you define and review your business plan

2. "Test" your business plan critically to ensure that you are ready to get going

3. Provide guidance for you to make the right decisions

4. Support you in finding solutions to your business problems

5. Guide you to grow and expand your business, keeping in mind conflicting priorities and constraints

6. Be a "sounding board" for your new business ideas, to ensure that you have look at all the practical aspects for implementing these ideas.

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