Problems at the Workplace:

We help you find solutions to your workplace issues

What's your problem?

Problems at the workplace may mean different things to different people. Some have trouble working with their bosses. Others may not have a good relationship with their subordinates. Then there are issues about work life balance. Many have work related stress that is causing them a concern. In many cases, we find a solution by ourselves, and get on with our job. Sometimes we live with it and ignore the problem for the time being. However, there are times when you may want to reach out to someone outside the workplace, to help you address the problem.

Here's a 10 minute self-help to begin with. List your top 5 problems that you are facing at the workplace that keep you worried. Next, answer the following questions for each of the 5 problems:

1. Have you been facing this problem regularly for more than a couple of months?

2. Have you tried to resolve this problem in any which way?

3. Are there some others in your workplace that have had similar problems?

4. Have you discussed this problem with your manager or other superiors?

5. Would a person outside your office understand this problem when you describe it to him/her?

If you have atleast 3 "Yes" responses, this is a problem that you could discuss with us. While one can't assure that there is a solution to every problem, and that too a permanent one, your coach will help you figure out the best way to address the problem.