About GetCoached.in

Mission & Purpose

GetCoached.in is a service for everyone and anyone who needs guidance to achieve success in their career. Be it a fresher getting into the first job, employees eager to improve their performance or middle management having a mid career crisis, GetCoached.in is there to support each individual.

GetCoached.in was established with the belief that individuals may not have the right kind of guidance available at their workplace. Either their manager is busy, or he/she may not have the abilities to guide, or simply you may not feel like approaching him on your need.

The various services offered are listed at the top of the page. Here is a summary of how the coaching takes place.

  • The individual needing guidance contacts GetCoached.in via email or phone or the "Contact Us" link on the website.
  • A suitable time is scheduled for a 1 on 1 discussion. Typically it is a 90 minutes session.
  • The individual may share some information (such as CV) prior to the meeting, to help the coach understand the case better.
  • The coach asks the individual to elaborate on the matter. More exploratory questions follow, and this leads to an interactive dialogue.
  • The coach and coachee together evolve a way forward to address the need. During this process the coach also provides expert guidance where required.
  • The coach may send an email later, to provide additional support to the individual.
  • The individual provides an update later, on how things have progressed. If required, the coach provides additional guidance over phone/email. Alternatively, a further session may be scheduled.