Career Growth:

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Your career is one of the greatest assets that you should ideally have in your control. The question is: are you nurturing and shaping your career, just as one would expect you to manage your wealth? Are you investing in yourself, to get better returns?

Many employees expect their organization and specifically their manager to shape their career. Others just let things happen and hope that doing their job will get them somewhere over the years. If you believe you need to think differently about your career (as being done alongside), it is definitely worth spending some time to reflect and plan for your future.

Test yourself by answering the following questions:

1. Are you wanting to do something else or something more than what you are currently doing?

2. Do you feel that most of your colleagues or friends have been able to grow faster or accomplish more in their career than you have in the same period (feeling of stagnation)?

3. Do you feel that your experience and qualifications put together are a mismatch with the current role that you are performing?

4. Do you feel that the organization has not been able to benefit from your true potential?

5. When you look back at your list of achievements, are you sensing that you have a lot to talk about the past, but not so much for the recent times?

Reality Check!

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