Exotic Services:

GetCoached.in offers some special and unique services, targetted towards individuals that are truly serious about their career. The fees for these services will depend on the specific requirements. Please Contact Us for additional details on the same.

Employability Assessment

Employability Assessment is a service for individuals who wish to determine their potential to get hired for a specific position. The Assessment looks at Skills, Knowledge, Relevant Experience, Qualifications and any other eligibility criteria for the desired position. The result is in the form of a Assessment Report and an Eligibility Score on rating scale of 1 to 5, where 1 stands for "Not Employable" and 5 stands for "Perfect Fit".

Individuals can opt for a basic assessment or an advanced assessment. A Basic Assessment involves a study of the resume and arriving at a result. The Advanced Assessment will include an in-depth interview with the individual, along with additional information available, to arrive at an evaluation result in terms of employability.

The Assessment Report will provide insight on the basis for arriving at the score, and what can possibly be done by the individual to enhance the employability for the stated position.

Cumulative Career Value (CCV) Computation

Every individual has a "market value" at every point in their career, depending on their skills, experience, achievements, role being performed and organization that they are employed in. GetCoached.in will provide individuals with a cumulative market value for the rest of their career, using available market information and information provided by the individual. The CCV computation will also consider likely increments and career growth milestones, based on discussions with the individual.

Career Risk Analysis

In this ever changing world, individuals need to keep themselves updated, to ensure that they are not becoming redundant. The Career Risk Analysis looks at quantifying the risk associated with the individual's career. To determine this, GetCoached.in will analyze the profile of the individual, followed by a discussion with him/her to seek additional details on the profile.

The deliverable will be in the form of a Risk Analysis Report. The report will contain the risk score on a scale of 1 to 5, where 1 stands for "Minimal Risk" and 5 stands for "Imminent Danger". The report will provide the rationale for arriving at the risk score, and what the individual can do, to mitigate or reduce the risk.