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Agile Certification Training Workshop (ACP): 3 days (5 May 2019 - 12 May 2019)

This program has been designed for individuals that would like to get certified in agile, having worked for atleast a year in Agile. This includes Scrum, XP, Lean and many other methodologies that are aligned with Agile. It is also useful for those that wish to change over to Agile based software development, and would like to learn the ways to do Agile. A year later, they can move on to doing the actual certification, after getting the required experience (assuming they have already worked in non Agile projects for atleast 1 year so far). Click here to know more about the workshop.

Project Management Professional (PMP) 4 day training (18th May to 26th May 2019)

If you are a project manager, or aiming to be one, this is the ideal program for you. The 4 day workshop covers all the concepts, processes, tools and techniques that you need to know for being a successful project manager. A PMP certification also helps you to enhance your market value and help you get the job you want, faster. Click here to know more about the workshop.

Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM) 4 day training (18th May to 26th May 2019)

If you are new to project management, or have just started your career, the CAPM certificaton can be a great value addition. It helps you understand what projects are all about, what project managers require to do in their job, and the various project management concepts and processes too. A CAPM certification pushes you ahead of your competition, and helps you get that edge to perform better and grow in your organization. While the study notes and course contents are the same as the PMP certification training, the exam is relatively much easier. Click here to know more about the workshop.