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What could be the reason, why we may reject you for this job (assuming that we went ahead to reject you)?

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Posted on all job sites but not getting a response? Sent resumes to placement consultants yet no luck? Attended various interviews but not sure why you are getting rejected? Read on....

Finding a better job is getting more and more challenging, given the competition in the job market, and the market dynamics. At times, the organization that we would like to work with does not have the right positions available, whereas the positions currently available in the market are from companies that you may not want to work with.

Just the way you would like to know more about the organization offering jobs, the employers too need to evaluate the job applicants to find out their suitability to the requirement. The graphic below provides a glimpse of what employers are looking for, when they screen your resume, or talk with you during the interview. With this in mind, have you wondered what kind of impression you are able to create in front of recruiters?

This is where GetCoached can help you establish the right image in front of your prospective employers. To begin with, we will need to understand your motive for the job change and ascertain that your goals will be best achieved through a job change. GetCoached offers you assistance for changing your job in multiple ways:

1. Enabling you to articulate the kind of job that you would like to be in.

2. Helping you discover your strengths and mapping them with the skills that the organizations may be looking for

3. Assisting you to prepare or enhance your resume, which presents you in the best possible manner and is aligned with what your prospective employers are looking for.

4. Guiding you in your search for the potential organizations where you may want to work

5. Coaching you by conducting mock interviews and providing you feedback from a recruiter's perspective

6. Supporting you in your interactions with the prospective employer, till finalization of the offer.

Considering your priorities and comfort level, you may choose to engage with GetCoached for some or all of the above areas. Alternatively, GetCoached can work in a customized approach, to help you find a better job. Contact GetCoached today to find out how we can help you!

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