Coaching Services for Corporates:

We enable your employees to learn, perform and grow

GetCoached addresses the needs of both - individual employees and corporates. In essence, the coaching is either sponsored by each individual, or by the organization. Organizations have an agenda to invest in their employees, and enable them to apply their full potential at the workplace. Many organizations are hard pressed for time and internal resources, for coaching their employees. GetCoached can step in to address the coaching need as an external service provider. The "What" and "How" of coaching are given below.

Coaching Themes:

Depending on the organizational priorities, a variety of themes can be focused upon for coaching employees. Some of these are listed below.

1. Goal setting and alignment - Help employees to define their goals (and for their team), in alignment with the organizational goals

2. Performance Enhancement - Work with employees to define and execute their plan for achieving goals and improving performance of themselves as well as their team

3. Behavioral Transformation - Motivate employees to align with the desired behaviors of the organization, or a change agenda

4. Skills Development - Facilitate identification of competency gaps and assist the employees to bridge these gaps

5. Career Planning - Support employees in defining their career path and inspire them to progress on the defined path.

The Coaching Engagement: A Step by Step Approach

To begin with, the leadership / sponsor team will need to determine the focus areas (or themes) for coaching - either from those listed above, or any additional ones. This ensures efficient utilization of time for the coach and employee.

Secondly, the organization would need to identify the employees that will be the beneficiaries of the coaching engagement. Each organization may have its preferred approach for selecting employees. Some organizations select the employees that have the largest performance gaps. Others look at "average" performers that have potential to do better. Yet another approach is for rewarding star performers with the services of a coach to enable their fast track growth.

Next, organizations need to define the present state and the desired state (for each employee) after the coaching. This could be in terms of skills, behaviors or results. Such an input directly serves as the basis for the coaching, and should be easy to measure on completion of the coaching.

Once this is done, GetCoached will schedule visits to the organization's facility and plan interactions with the identified employees. Upto 8 coaching sessions can be scheduled each day. A gap of 2 weeks is ideal between sessions for each employee, though some cases it may be as frequent as every week.

The coaching sessions are likely to involve identification of action items for the employees. At times, it may involve the individual to undertake some psychometric assessments or undergo a 360 degree feedback.

Meeting notes will be recorded for each session, to enable tracking and follow up. GetCoached will report the status periodically, depending on how frequent the organization needs the reporting. A monthly review meeting with the leadership team will help steer the coaching efforts in the right direction and allows for corrections if any. Issues and roadblocks too can be addressed in this meeting.

At the end of the scheduled time period, each employee will provide evidence in terms of achievement of the desired state. This marks the logical completion of coaching engagement for the employees. At times, the employee may need an extension of the coaching intervention, in case the desired state has not been achieved.

GetCoached will submit a closure report that summarizes the coaching intervention across the identified employees. The report may include additional insights noticed during the coaching engagement, that would add value for the organization.

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