Coaching Scenarios / Examples

You would be eager to know, what are the issues for which people come to GetCoached. Based on experience, it was noticed that each case is unique, yet there are commonalities across. Here is a list of some typical scenarios that we handle. This is by no means an exhaustive list, and it may be possible that you have a totally different situation at your end.


"I want to earn a lot of money and become wealthy in the next 6 years. Guide me to develop a roadmap (what I need to do) to achieve my goal"


"I have crossed the typical retirement age, but I wish to extend my career and do something more. What do you suggest I should do?"


"Despite all my efforts, I am not getting shortlisted for interviews. Someone told me that my resume is not strong enough. This being my first job change after so many years, I am not sure how to portray myself, in order to get selected. Can you help me develop a powerful resume?"


"I was working till I had to take care of the family. My children have now grown up and I wish to return to corporate life. How do I go about doing this?"


"I feel that my performance is not getting rewarded in terms of growth. For my experience, I should be at the next level. What do I need to do, to get that promotion?"


"My present job requires me to travel a lot and be away from my home town. My family now wants me to be with them and this means that I need to do something locally. Considering my educational qualifications and experience, what is it that I need to do to make this happen?"


"My manager has given a feedback that I need to improve my leadership skills. I realize that my team does not respect me, and I my techniques of man management are not well accepted. For me to grow in the organization, I need to win the confidence of my manager and subordinates? What do I need to do to achieve this transformation in my behavior?"


"I have been doing fairly well in my organization, and have several accomplishments too. I am looking for a change to be a part of a larget organization. However, I have not been successful in getting past the interview stage in the organizations I approached. I guess I am not coming across very confident in front of the interviewers and this affects their perception about my abilities. Can you help me improve the way I present myself and enhance my chances of getting selected?"


"I have not been working anywhere for the past 2 years. I am having difficulty in getting a job as employers are not comfortable about the gap in my career. Can you assist me to come out of this problem? Also, till I get the right job, what do you suggest for me to do?"


My business is not doing well, and I need to earn a steady income, by way of doing a job. However, I realized that I dont have any relevant job related skills that people will hire me for - that is because my business did not require me to have any special skills other than what I need to know about my business. What should I do?